Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning

This spring I am getting clean from the inside out. 

In addition to following Dr. Junger's The Clean Diet approach to detox, I am also, slowly but surely, moving through every room in this house with a fine-toothed comb to declutter and organize and I wanted to invite you along for the ride!

This week, I invite you to attack your closet! Take before and after photos and email them to me at meremadeblog (at) gmail (dot) com and I will post them in a round up. 

Here is a before photo of my closet.....a total disaster. Really. 

Hiding behind the door in the above photo, is my husband's side of the closet. He's not a neat freak by any means when it comes to most things. But when it comes to his kitchen and his closet...he's totally OCD. 

So the challenge was to get my side looking as lovely as his. I began with shoes. 
Here is a before photo of my shoe area. Yuck!

The first thing I did was sort through and get rid of shoes I really don't wear. This is hard for me to do. but, I selected three pairs of shoes to say goodbye to and then one, yes one roaming shoe that had been in my closet for years....huh? Once that was done, I organized the show by style...heels on one shelf, flats on another, sneakers on another, etc. My friend and personal organizer Brooke Butin of Heather Brooks showed me this neat little trick to display shoes. You put one shoe with the toe side in it's match with the toe side out, that way you have a better sense of what it will look like with the outfit you will be wearing. Clever, right?

Once I weeded through my clothes, I decided to try organizing them by color. I am really visual that way and I thought it might help keep things straight. So I just went through the colors of the rainbow. The top    is for colors and the bottom is for browns, blacks, whites and grays. Within that color coordinating system I tried to organize my clothes by where they fall on the body, tanks, shirts, sweaters then skirts and pants. We have a downstairs closet where I keep all of my coats since they are too bulky to be up here and would take up too much room. 

Another hot tip is to have all of the same hanger. I went with a thin, felted hanger from The Container Store. They're sleek so you can fit more in your closet and the metal hanger swivels so no matter which way you put your clothes on it, you can hang it the right way. Brooke taught me to get rid of skirt hangers (too bulky) and just fold my skirts neatly over my regular hanger.)

I went through all my drawers and did the same. Apparently I had 18 pairs of tights taking up what precious little drawer space I have. It's 80 degrees out today. I never wear tights. What in the world were they doing in there for so long??

Next, it was on to pants and pj's. I got rid of over 10 pairs! It felt so good! And now my closet feels like a store!

I mean, who wouldn't want to feel as though they're shopping when they're getting dressed??

So here's the before and after. I am feeling very pleased with the results!!

BEFORE                                               AFTER

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  1. Just so ya know girlfriend ;) in my little mountain town most of the houses have no the wee houses called Wartimers. That could be a ski bums room for the winter there! ;)
    Seriously though - we rented a place there to start that had a "closet" at the top of the staircase end and then in one of the bedrooms it had a small door (smaller than the width of an ironing board - just to give a reference point. I could've fit maybe 2-3 shirts. oh life is funny. But do continue the progress photos.


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