Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Left my Heart in San Francisco....

Ah San old stomping grounds....and current home to a myriad of friends (some whom I've known since going to sleep away camp at age 8!)

It was such a fun trip! Just Mr. P. and I drove up together and were together for two days. When I started to think about it, I realized I really hadn't been alone with Mr. P. for this amount of time since his little brother was born over two years ago! It was so nice to have that special time traveling together!

He was happy listening to his books on tape on the way up and we made a stop at Anderson's Pea Soup (the only non-fast food place off the 5)

One of my smarty pants friends from grad school is now getting her PhD at UC Santa Cruz (my alma mater).. but lives in Oakland... so we stayed with her for a night and had fun eating breakfast in Berkeley....where I ate the world's largest burrito (in three phases) and Mr. P. was happy with his pancakes!

 We then walked around UC Berkeley campus. Never too early to have your kid feel comfortable on a college campus, right?

I have this odd talent I will share with you....ever since I was 9 when we went to deposit my sister at Emerson College in Boston and went to Boston Common, I've had a knack for squirrel wrangling. It sounds odd, but I make this clicking sound and the squirrels come running in droves. My PhD friend didn't believe me until I started doing it and the squirrels came running...down trees, out of was crazy! At one point Mr. P. was like, "please stop, Mom! There are too many!"

This is not a talent that really comes in handy for much, except for perhaps rabid squirrel round up....


We crossed the Bay Bridge (I have a fear of bridges)

and went to visit dear friend who moved up to SF a year ago. Mr. P. has known Miss M. since they were a few months old (we met in breastfeeding support group) and they were SO happy to be reunited! As was I!

We spent the day hanging out...attempting a sleepover..and catching up. The next day we went to House of Air...a warehouse turned trampoline heaven! Floor to floor trampolines! So fun! And a great way to tire the kids out! 

Then we played on the beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Mr. P.'s favorite: Alcatraz. I think we'll have to take a tour of it the next time we go.

My husband and Doodlebop flew up and met us and he babysat while I spent the next few nights going out and catching up with old friends. Look at this fun beer sampler...all brewed on site! (Thanks Thirsty Bear!)

And my old college roommate taught Doodlebop a fun party trick...picking his nose with his toes....

Then we all drove home together.....I can't wait until Doodlebop can last 5 hours in a car without having screaming spells! 

I've always appreciated a good road trip...the freedom it affords, the landscape from the car. I think Mr. P. appreciated his time alone with Mom so we're going to make it happen more often. 

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