Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Vomit.

Hello! 'Twas a busy week last week....but we managed to find time to celebrate! (my favorite pastime.)

First, there was Cinco de Mayo. Mexican food is Mr. P.'s favorite cuisine, so he was more than excited when his Dad presented him with a fajita bar. And yes, there were margaritas for the over 21 crowd.

Makes me hungry all over again just looking at these oddly placed photos! (some day I'll learn how to make my photographic presentations look...presentable.)

 And the marriage of Mr. P.'s two favorite things: Star Wars and Mexican Food - just about blew his mind!

Now onto Mother's Day....

We had a lovely day (the gym, soccer practice and then Vietnamese food for dinner.)

My thoughtful husband procured the most beautiful tulips ever! 

 As well as a raw food cookbook, more whiskey barrels for planting in and this made-to-look vintage Anthropologie copy of Wuthering Heights, one of my all time favorite novels! 

Then the evening culminated in....Mr. P.'s vomit! Yes, for the first time in his life (can you believe he made it all the way to 5 without throwing up?) he threw up....and then asked if he "got something" for making it in the toilet (which he didn't, by the way!) Today, I was bodily fluid bookended by Doodlebop's bout with diarrhea.....I'd say some sort of bug is moving it's way through the family. 

All in a day's work. 

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