Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Market, To Market

 There's not much that gives me greater pleasure than going to the farmer's market. I will say, especially in the winter months, it can be a little bla....week after week, kale and swiss chard (both of which I love) and apples and strawberries - I think I made very apple and strawberry dessert this season.

Needless to say it was refreshing to see a new and bursting array of fruit at the Kapa'a farmer's market!! (This was the only activity we accomplished before my husband had his emergency appendectomy.)
Colorful, tropical produce was everywhere!

We came home with a bag of rambutan (I thought they were lychees.)  

This was called something like a cream plum (I'm totally botching that, but you get the idea....)

The honey stand also had an actual see-through hive and the owner spent a good ten minutes educating Mr. P. on all things bee-related.

And we do not have a salt stand in L.A.! But we should!

Then I found the pie stand. Why don't they have pie stands at the farmer's markets in L.A.?? Each one look more scrumptious than the next! I was full from lunch, otherwise I would have eaten one of each! I kept telling myself I'll sniff out the pie lady at the next market, but I don't think we'll have time to go to another one. (photo does not do justice to how amazing these pies looked under the fly shield!)

And the tropical flowers were breathtaking!

Tonight we had this mango for dessert....can mangoes be sensual? These were!!

At home, we used the fresh pesto and swiss chard  (I know...back to the ole standard swiss chard) and my husband, hours from being discharged, whipped up this pasta meal. Delicious!!!!

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