Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

This spring I am getting clean from the inside out.

I recently happened upon a small store on Abbot Kinney called The Detox Market. Their niche wares included organic teas, fresh cacao and make up free of parabens. I finally found a sunscreen that I am confident will not cause skin cancer (did I ever mention I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma when I was 25?) So skin protection has always been of great concern.

I also picked up this book, Clean by Dr. Allejandro Junger and I was sold.

His concept isn’t rocket science, more like common sense. We are a society that eats too much packaged food, processed food; food that is a step (or five) away from it’s natural roots. Junger talks about how the food we eat is making us sick and points to cancer as the main manifestation of all of our bodily inflammation.

He contends we all need a body detox in order to reboot the system.

I, for one, have had pneumonia three times in the past years and an ongoing battle with pneumonia's close cousin, bronchitis. Not to mention an odd chronic ear pain that seems to be defying the medical world. Hardly a stellar track record for a healthy 34-year old. I also work out every day and yet still have that flabby tire around my waist and thighs that jiggle a bit too much when I move.

So, I’m giving it a shot.

The plan is quite simple. Eat fresh, organic, local, unprocessed food.

For three weeks you eat a combination of fresh juices, smoothies, soups and one regular healthy meal a day. The idea is that the liquid foods give your digestive track a chance to relax a little and focus more on detoxing than digesting.

Anyone want to join me? I’ll be starting my three weeks of detox the Monday after Easter.) (Because my mouth has a date with a few chocolate bunnies.) You can buy the book on Amazon, or you can visit the website which shares the general gist of the book along with loads of recipes. I’m posting this early in order to give you time to either get the book or become familiar with the program.

Now, who’s with me??? (I have one live friend joining me…but would love some virtual support!!!)

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