Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. P.'s Poetry

In the spirit of poetry month, Mr. P. has begun creating his own poems. He really gravitates towards haikus (I think because they're discussing syllables at school - so he loves the 5/7/5/ patten.)

Here are a few of his recent Haikus for your viewing pleasure....

The Pig Gets Hot
A pig is hot now
from the big, yellow, hot sun
The pig is now cold

Happy Giraffe
Giraffe has baby
Hippopotamus water
Giraffe now sleeping

Dinosaur Fighting
Giraffe fight dino
dragon fights water "bufflo"
Battle is over

(He struggled a long trying trying to make the word "buffalo" work because he needed it to be 2 syllables instead of three. He finally said, "can't I just call it a "bufflo?")

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