Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Items for the Fair

These were the final items I made for Mr. P.'s fair....

A batch of chocolate chip cookies:

We made two batches and then they slowly started disappearing....into my mouth. I felt so bad, but I couldn't stop eating them even though I knew that every cookie I ate was some preschooler's scholarship money. I am a very bad person. 

At 11pm - the night before the fair - we made more. 

And I made 5 jars of organic strawberry jam:


I should have made more because they were a big hit at the fair!! Next year...... (I think I need a year to recover from all that work I did for the fair!) I did manage to procure and organize over 86 wonderful outside volunteers from various colleges, high schools and organizations. I'm am very thankful for volunteers and I would like to add volunteering to my to do list (as soon as both kids are in school.)

My baby mats sold out. 

But sadly, the vintage snack bags did not. 


Which means there's another giveaway in your future......


  1. I know how you feel about the chocolate chip cookies... :O SOmehow every batch I ever make always seem to dissappear faster than the previous one... :O

  2. Must have the penny-farthing snack bag! I have a preschooler, does that count to buy one? :o)

    I've had a strange obsession with these odd- looking, high-wheeled bicycles since I saw a guy riding one along the port in San Diego. So high! How do you get on and off?

    P.S. Your cookies and jam look delish!

  3. Your goodies look delish! especially the jam! Must admit...kinda glad you didn't completely sell out of snack bags :) Yay! Giveaway! xx

  4. So, I'm just curious...if I were to, let's say, open up at Etsy shop down the much might you pay for bags like these? The small ones are 3 x 5 and the larger ones are more like 5 x 7. I'm just curious about some honest feedback here!
    Laurie Anne, the jam was so easy to make!! Look at my jam tutorial! Easy and delicious!

  5. Yes please open an Etsy shop, I would buy!

  6. Linda - you're very encouraging! Maybe once my kids are in school in September I'll have time to pull a store together. Just not sure how to price everything!!!

  7. YES! a shop would be wonderful! You would do very for pricing items, it's hard isn't it to put a price on your work.
    Will be making the jam this weekend...thanks! xx

  8. Oh my gosh those snack bags are adorable! I wonder why they didn't sell? I'd buy them. They are so cute and I love the designs on them!
    Writer and crafter. Where do you find the time?



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