Friday, April 1, 2011

Crafting for a Good Cause

Mr. P's preschool is having their big fundraiser in a week. This year, they're trying something new - a sort of Etsy-inspired booth where crafty parents can sell their wares and donate the proceeds to the school. This was right up my alley! 

Sadly, the only thing lacking for me was enough time to make everything I wanted to make!

I made a bunch of these Velcro snack or storage bags with vintage images on them. 

Then I made a few of my baby changing pads. (Click here for a tutorial). I omitted the fancy Velcro latch in order to save time. 

Next year, I already have some ideas for projects to sell at the fair such as homemade play-doh and superhero capes. I just have to make sure I start earlier so I don't have to hear my husband say, "Step away from the sewing machine!"


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! the snack storage bags! What a great fundraising idea!

  2. Must have vintage snack bag! Maybe I have to morph into a clever 5-year-old boy!


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