Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Red Hen Made a Pizza and So Did We!!!!!

My kids have recently been enjoying Philemon Sturges’s The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza. It’s a retelling of the classic little red hen story in which little hen works hard to make a loaf of bread, no one helps her, but everyone wants to eat the bread. In the end, they go hungry while she pigs out on bread. In this version, while no one wants to help the hen, she is benevolent and let’s them come to the pizza party anyways. They even help clean up in the end.

The last time we read the book, Mr. P. said, “I want to make a pizza.”
Wish granted. My dad came over to join in the fun. 


                                  (happiest pizza I ever did see)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Left my Heart in a Box of Toothpicks.

I don’t know about you people, but I generally use toothpicks for removing food particles from my teeth. Scott Weaver used his collection of 100,000 toothpicks to build a replica of San Francisco. 

Show off.

But seriously, he wins my “Craftastic!” award. The piece is titled “Rolling Through the Bay” and features landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and The Palace of Fine Arts.

The whole thing is on exhibit at Tinkering Studio in San Francisco until June 19th. I am headed on a road trip up there in the next month or so – maybe I’ll get to see it up close and personal!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Tour and Free Giveaway!

Eat your heart out, Prince! I'm going on tour!

(Okay, maybe he should in fact begin digesting my heart.)

However, my first young adult novel, Urban Falcon is getting on a big decked-out virtual bus and going on tour. And you're invited! I've listed the dates and sites below. My novel, along with writing and publishing advice, interviews and book reviews will be featured on these various sites. Feel free to visit and participate!

And if you know any teenagers between the ages of 13 - 17 who like an edgy, slice of life read.....purchase my book!

April 27th: Abundance of Books
May 11th: Buried in Books

In conjunction with my blog tour, I am also conducting a FREE GIVEAWAY of my latest beach read Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. It's a tale about what happens when a girl who follows all the rules falls in love with her best friend's fiance. And it is also a feature film starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin. (Always best to read the book before seeing the movie....right?) And if you're lucky, you may still be able to smell the tropical sea breeze in between the pages.

Plus, I'll send along a personalized, autographed copy of my young adult novel!
(and I may even throw in a vintage snack back to boot! Click here and scroll down to view the snack bags I'm talking about.) 

You can win the books (and bag) three different ways:

- Add a comment TO THIS POST ONLY = 1 entry (While you are more than welcome to post comments to my other blog posts, only comments to this particular post will enter you in to the free giveaway.)
-  Add a comment to this post + become a follower = 2 entries.
-  Grab my button (just copy and paste the html code onto your blog) - if you do this, please be sure and let me know you've done so in the comments box. + become a follower + add a comment to this post = 3 entries. 

You can mix and match these options any way you'd like!

This contest will close on Sunday, May 8th and one winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, May 9th. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. P.'s Poetry

In the spirit of poetry month, Mr. P. has begun creating his own poems. He really gravitates towards haikus (I think because they're discussing syllables at school - so he loves the 5/7/5/ patten.)

Here are a few of his recent Haikus for your viewing pleasure....

The Pig Gets Hot
A pig is hot now
from the big, yellow, hot sun
The pig is now cold

Happy Giraffe
Giraffe has baby
Hippopotamus water
Giraffe now sleeping

Dinosaur Fighting
Giraffe fight dino
dragon fights water "bufflo"
Battle is over

(He struggled a long trying trying to make the word "buffalo" work because he needed it to be 2 syllables instead of three. He finally said, "can't I just call it a "bufflo?")

Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

We had such a great time in Hawaii!! Although I'm happy to be home, I wish we had more time on the island. Both of my boys were sobbing on the way to the airport because they didn't want to leave. 

I thought I'd share with you a few photos from our trip. I PROMISE I will get back to crafting this week (and in fact I have two tutorials to share....) 

We put in a lot of beach time!!

And enjoyed the scenery. 

I somehow got them both to wear sunglasses (they never to that at home.) Sadly, Doodlebop sat on his the second day there. 

I indulged in a mai tai (or two or eight). 

This was taken the day my husband was released from the hospital (in case you missed the earlier post - he had to have an emergency appendectomy on our first day there and spent the rest of the trip recovering.)

General silliness. 

We tried new foods (Doodlebop tries his first star fruit.)

Swam in a lagoon (by the end of the trip he could tool around in floaties on his own!) 

Daddy prepares for another long day, lagoon-side enjoying Percoset. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. 

Did I mention the stunning scenery?

General frivolity.....

Happy kids! 

Happy Mom! (this was THE BEST cucumber mojito I have ever had in my life!!)

And there's my Maui Longboard Lager by the Lagoon (say that three times fast). Is that wrong that I even make the alcohol I imbibe pose for scenic photos???

Boys on a hammock. 

Daddy finally dips his feet in the water (sadly, only his feet due to the multiple incisions.)

Who doesn't like pog? (Passion fruit, orange juice and guava juice?)

And Mr. P.'s close friend happened to also be vacationing on the island so we spend a few days playing with them! These two will find each other anywhere!!

This was the highlight for me...a small hike through some tall grass along a narrow pathway.....

led to the most gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole!

Ready for the red eye home in their pj' day we'll catch up on sleep!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Market, To Market

 There's not much that gives me greater pleasure than going to the farmer's market. I will say, especially in the winter months, it can be a little bla....week after week, kale and swiss chard (both of which I love) and apples and strawberries - I think I made very apple and strawberry dessert this season.

Needless to say it was refreshing to see a new and bursting array of fruit at the Kapa'a farmer's market!! (This was the only activity we accomplished before my husband had his emergency appendectomy.)
Colorful, tropical produce was everywhere!

We came home with a bag of rambutan (I thought they were lychees.)  

This was called something like a cream plum (I'm totally botching that, but you get the idea....)

The honey stand also had an actual see-through hive and the owner spent a good ten minutes educating Mr. P. on all things bee-related.

And we do not have a salt stand in L.A.! But we should!

Then I found the pie stand. Why don't they have pie stands at the farmer's markets in L.A.?? Each one look more scrumptious than the next! I was full from lunch, otherwise I would have eaten one of each! I kept telling myself I'll sniff out the pie lady at the next market, but I don't think we'll have time to go to another one. (photo does not do justice to how amazing these pies looked under the fly shield!)

And the tropical flowers were breathtaking!

Tonight we had this mango for dessert....can mangoes be sensual? These were!!

At home, we used the fresh pesto and swiss chard  (I know...back to the ole standard swiss chard) and my husband, hours from being discharged, whipped up this pasta meal. Delicious!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

Before I get to the trouble...let me share with you some of the extraordinary Kauaian landscape (not Florida! not the Bahamas! Other way!!!)

Now onto the "trouble".

As we were landing, Mr. P. said, "Look Mom! A rainbow!" And out the window was a spectacular rainbow arcing across the sky with the lush, verdant Hawaiian landscape below. What could go wrong?

Well....cut to the next morning when my husband began complaining of pains in his stomach. He was hoping it was just gas...alas....flatulation did not cure this cramps. After consulting with our close friend who is thankfully also an ER doctor, she gave him some self-tests to do over the phone. Pinch here. Poke there. Prod. Push. Pain with each one.

Onto the Wilcox Memorial Hospital where he drove himself, had a cat scan and low and behold guess who had an angry appendix??

Cut to evening surgery. Yup. First full day of our family vacation and my husband went under the knife for the first time.

I discovered that xanex works nicely for other moments in addition to on the airplane.

I am so thankful that he is now is less pain, recovering nicely and okay! He really is THE BEST patient I've ever seen. Chipper (maybe it's the percoset talking?) eager to help (I keep having to remind him he can't lift anything for a full month) and ready to make the most of his recovery for the days we have left here.

And did I mention that during the time he was at the hospital with the car I also lost my wallet and had only one diaper left and a two-year old with a big poop! Just to add to the excitement! So there were taxi cab rides and wallet investigations (wallet found two days later) and diapers purchased ($26.00 for a pack of diapers here....??!!)

Okay, back to our vacation! I do have a post about our outing on day one, pre-surgery which I will share with you the next time I have a free moment!!

As my husband likes to say, "I gave you a vacation you will never forget." True dat. Mahalo!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vacationing Very Soon!!!

Sayonara Sewers et al! 

This crafty chick is going on holiday with the family. 

I will try to check in once or twice from the road....or I may just be too busy relaxing under the shade of a coconut tree. 

(vintage Velcro snack bag of your choice for the FOLLOWER who first correctly guesses my holiday vacation destination - FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE EXCLUDED (We need to make this fair people!!!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someone Else is Giving it Away

I'm not the only one with things to give away! Check out Keyka Lou's "Ditty Bag". So cute! It would make the perfect cosmetic bag! And that's not all. The winner will also receive some large fabric scraps shown below and cute fabric magnets. Keyka Lou is also tempting us with some "surprise" additions. Hm....what could it be? 

Click on the photo below to enter to win!

And if you're not the contest-entering type...check out the patterns available in her store. For just $5 - the following can be yours! Just click on each photo to be taken to her store. 

This fun satchel....$5.00

Cute clutch.....$5.00

And my favorite....a luscious laptop sleeve.....$5.00

Which would you make??