Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wrapping up the Present-Making

Three more days and I can finally check one thing off my list.....the presents are all made!

In addition to the Muno shirt:

And the crayon bunting:

I completed Doodlebop's birthday crown!! (Modeled on one Winnie the Pooh since that's the theme of his party....and I can't very well model the thing on Doodle because it's a surprise!)

For the crown, I loosely followed the direction from Amanda Blake Soule's The Creative Family. 

Definitely a must-read! While the book has some amazing projects in it, it's more about how to live a creative life with your family. She gives some great suggestions such as having writing notebooks next to the dinner table so that you can participate in drawing time as a family. She shares how to turn a child's beloved drawing into a sewing project. And she presents all different kinds of ways to bridge nature with art for wee ones. 

And, at the last minute, I added a pair of elastic waist pants, since Made featured an easy toddler pant tutorial on their Celebrate the Boy month. You can link to the tutorial by clicking here. I added some pockets to my pants in case Doodle finds any treasures he wants to keep. 

So, the anticipation builds. When I ask Doodle how old he is going to be, he proudly states, "Two!!!" and holds finger. 

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