Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Two's are Here!

My little Doodle woke up in a happy mood on his second birthday! He even let me put on the crown I made for him. 

We went out to breakfast and rode the carousel at the pier. 

The next day, he requested that he wear the shirt and pants I had made. I hadn't intended them to be an outfit, per se, but he wore it well. 

We served a lot of food at the party. (Some of the photos are upside down because I'm under the weather and don't have the energy to Photoshop them. I hope they aren't making you too dizzy.)

Salad, pigs in a blanket and this lasagna recipe from the most recent Martha Stewart Magazine. It's a sausage, Swiss chard and mozzarella cheese lasagna baked with lemon slices on top that add a special zing.


We also had fruit salad and a special punch (with a sign on it that read for adults it was some delicious combo of vodka, champagne and lemonade)

I didn't do too much in the way of activities. There was a play-doh table. 

At the last minute, I contacted the balloon artist that was here three years ago for Mr. P's second birthday. He did a bit of amazing magic (including one trick where the card Mr. P. had written his name on ended up in a fully intact grapefruit which the magician cut open and revealed. The kids were riveted. 

Then he moved on to balloon tricks. He even made a Winnie the Pooh! 


And then took requests from all the kids. There were lots of light sabers made for the older siblings. A fish on a fishing line, a large dog and party hats! Then it was just a balloon orgy! 

Guests took home a gift bag I sewed with a vintage bee on it from Graphic Fairy, filled with jelly beans and this photo of Mr. P. holding a honey stick we picked up at the farmer's market. 

And they also took home a small jar of playdoh. 

And there was cake......I'm no cake artist and I hope when Doodle gets older, he'll be able to find the humor in how silly all of his birthday cakes looked!

So, when the last guest left, I literally fell ill. I think my body had had enough! I'd been wanting to try a juice fast for a while and decided that since my appetite was gone anyways, today was as good a day as any to start. So I am now on day one of a two-day juice cleanse. I drink one of these pretty bottles every two hours. If I'm starving, I'm allowed a small bit of chicken broth or an apple or tea with honey. Have I mentioned that I'm starving??!!?? I'm hoping that all of the water in the liquid and vitamins int he juice will help flush this nasty cold out of my system. 

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out who is the big winner of the fabric giveaway! 

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