Saturday, March 19, 2011

Succesful Saturday

Today was a good and productive day!

A little homemade kale, broccoli and white bean soup made for a great night's sleep!

We're all feeling a little bit better, which makes for more patience and more energy. 

Mr. P. and I got up early and went to the farmer's market. 

We saw these colorful Calla Lilies and they reminded me of that experiment from elementary school where you put the celery in the dyed water and the whole stalk turns blue. There's no way Calla Lillies come in these colors....right?

We came home and had my parents over for some homemade waffles topped with market berries and bananas and "snow" as the kids call powdered sugar. 

Mr. P. saw a bowl of lemons and wanted to make lemonade. Leave it to my husband to whip up some simple syrup out of water and sugar so that all that needs to be added is the lemon juice. 

I made a pillow (I meant to make two but I ran out of fabric). I'll be posting a tutorial for this envelope pillow sometime next week. 

My husband went on a Whole Foods run (we had friends over for dinner) and came back with an array of items that made me so excited!

First was the unbelievable looking jar of sage honey complete with honeycomb. I'm not sure if you can actually eat the honeycomb or if it's just there to take up space in the jar so they can charge you more for it. But it has me intrigued! 

Since we're both on antibiotics (ugh) for our bacteria / virus whatever-it-is, I asked him to get some probiotics drink to replenish all of the good bacteria the antibiotics kill. He came home with a new brand made by Siggi's (they're known for their amazingly delicious Icelandic yogurt.)

Probiotics never tasted so good!

And finally, at the farmer's market I had bought some raspberries to make more jam with. You'll recall my successful apricot jam adventure and then my not-so-successful blackberry jam that refused to congeal and left me with blackberry liquid. Thank you to those from the blogosphere who took the time to teach me about pectin! Since raspberries are a low-pectin fruit, my husband picked up some pectin that I added to the jam mixture. It's bottled up in the fridge and we'll see how it comes out tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain...somewhat of an anomaly in Los Angeles. I'm hoping my Sunday involves more soup, fresh pots of tea (with that awesome honey!) and perhaps some indoor fort building and NO COUGHING!!!!! (ya hear that lungs!!!)

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