Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lounge Wear and Shots

I know I'm feeling a bit better because my sewing projects are ramping up again. But man, this cough lingers on.

I made these comfy cozies over the weekend for Doodlebop who now has the ick. I figured he could use some comfortable lounge wear. My husband thinks they look very 70's.

The inspiration came from the pattern posted on the blog From an Igloo using her One Size Fits Many pajama bottom tutoriall. Aren't her jammies cute? I changed the ankle cuffs around, but pretty much followed the pattern.

I should have made them in Mr. P's size too (although I think 5 might be too old to have an animal print slapped on your rear end.) Both kids are home lounging today as Doodlebop is not feeling well and Mr. P. - well - he had a traumatic experience this morning getting his tetanus shot and begged me to let him stay home.

I have mixed feelings about all of these vaccinations we give our kids. I feel as though they are necessary to keep them healthy, but I also think bombarding their little bodies with tons of antibodies all at once is frightening. I choose to space out the kids' shots so that they don't receive more than one per visit. If there are any adverse reactions, at least I know which vaccine caused it. It just means more frequent trips to the doctor and now poor Mr. P. is suffering from shot anxiety.

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