Monday, March 14, 2011

Homemade Cutlass and Sword

Click here to see the accompanying Pirate Belt Tutorial. 

Mr. P. really wanted  to buy a pirate sword over the weekend. I told him we could make one instead. He was very worried about the metal looking authentic. I promised him it would shine. 

Materials Needed:

Cardboard box
aluminum foil

I decided to make him two different types of pirate swords: a regular straight sword and a cutlass (a curved sword). 

I began by sketching the outline of the sword on a cardboard box. 

Then I cut the shape out using sturdy scissors. 

Next, I began wrapping my sword with aluminum foil. Mr. P. loved helping out with this part. You have to break the aluminum into smaller pieces in order to negotiate the curvy parts. 

If I hadn't been pressed for time, I might have painted the handle, but he wanted to play with it right away so I decided to use a Sharpie instead. 

Cutlass complete!

I repeated the same procedure for the straight sword. 

Despite the lack of enthusiasm in his eyes (he was feeling a little run down on Saturday) he loved his new toys!

Stay tuned later this week when I show you how to sew a pirate belt in which to house these two swords!

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