Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day Fondue

So, despite my resistance to Valentine's Day, yesterday was pretty fun! Doodlebop kept trying his hand at the phrase "Happy Valentine's Day" which came out more like "Ha Pevans Day!" And Mr. P. was especially cuddly yesterday. 

Fondue was really fun and really filling. 

The kids, as suspected, loved the fondue spears and as I predicted, it didn't take long for a light saber battle to begin. 

We started with the cheese course:



And chicken. 

And of course the cheese.

Which got more and more congealed with each passing minute. 

And some nice wine. 

Then the fun began. 


We eagerly moved on to dessert. 

Homemade rice krispie treats. 


bananas (this was my favorite combo)

And the chocolate. 

Midway through the meal, Mr. P. who is not one to dish out culinary compliments said, "This is a really good dinner." I'm not sure if it was the actual food he loved, the novelty of the act of fondue-ing or perhaps it was the NPR report I was listening to that suggested bugging children about what they eat and how much, etc. has adverse effects on their relationship with food. So last night, we completely backed off and let him eat how much or whatever he wanted from the choices in front of him. It was SUCH a pleasant dinner!! (yet another reason to save public radio funding!)

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