Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robot Bag Tutorial


I am so excited to share this tutorial with you! The impetus for this project was trying to get my kids (particularly my five-year-old) enthused about getting himself dressed in the morning. I decided I needed to make something to house his clothes for the next day, so that when he woke up in the morning, he would be eager to hop out of bed, unzip his robot bag and see what was inside. 

So, I give you:

Other ideas for it's use: put pajamas inside for a sleep over....stuff and use as a pillow....pack with toys for a road trip....use as a picnic sac...the possibilities are endless!

Materials Needed:
1 outer fabric 24 x 16 (I used fuzzy flannel)
1 liner fabric 24 x 16
1 zipper 14 inches
Scrap material to make eyes out of. 
thread, sewing machine...the usual. 

Cut your fabric into 24 x 16 (you will have two rectangles)

You'll notice in the photo about you can see all three items being used: zipper, outer fabric and liner fabric. In reality, all three items should be places directly on top of one another so that you only see the liner fabric. (I just photographed it this way so you could see it all clearly). If your zipper is longer than your fabric, which is should be, just center your layered rectangles in the center of the zipper before sewing. 

Pin and sew. I like to sew with the zipper side up at the machine, that way I can follow the line of the zipper as my guide to sew it. 

This is what it will look like after sewing. Then, flip the zipper up so that it's right side up. 

You'll need to sew along the line above now. I like to get as close to the zipper as I can. 

The next step is a tiny bit confusing, but it will make sense once you actually do it. You want to turn the bag inside out so the liner fabric is facing you. Then repeat the first layering you did when you sewed the fabric to the zipper the first time. Remember, zipper up, then outer fabric, right side down, liner fabric right side up. So essentially, you're sewing it up into a tube. 

Here, I've just pinned everything before sewing so you can see what it looks like. Now sew! 

Once you're done, turn the whole thing inside out again. 
You'll need to work that second stitch close to the zipper as you did the first go around. Open the zipper to sew this! It's a little awkward. Go slowly. 

This is what it will look like. Pretty! 

Manipulate the fabric until you're happy where the zipper falls. This will dictate where your eyes will go. 

Cut out some eyes from your scrap material and pin.

Then sew all the way around. 

It will look something like this. 

Turn the whole thing back inside out again. 

Sew along the left side...all the way. 

I like to go back and forth a few times over the zipper for reinforcement. 

Now, open the zipper a few inches! If you forget to do this and process to the next step, you will essentially sew your whole project shut inside out. You will be so sad! So don't forget to open up the zipper a few inches and then sew down the other side remembering to reinforce your zipper. 

Cut off any excess material. Now with the inches you left open, open the zipper all the way and turn the whole thing right side out. 

You did it! 
The purple one is the size you made. I also made a smaller one for my Doodlebop. The size of his material was 23 x 15 and the zipper was 13 inches long. 


  1. These are super cute. I found you through One Pretty Thing. My boys would love a set of these. One more thing to add to the sewing list! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting, Stacey! Would love to see a pic if you make them! I'm going to check out your blog! Always looking for more boy-oriented projects.


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