Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Mash Up

It’s Monday and already, I’m all over the place. 4 days until Doodle’s birthday, 5 days until his party and there is SO much to do!!!

We had a fun weekend filled with buckets of rain, board games (The Lego game creationary is my new's like pictionary but with Legos. Mr. P. is SO into it), soccer practice and the Oscars!

Which I have to say, was kind of a snooze fest this year. I know, first I’m the Grinch of Valentine’s Day, now I’m the Oscar Grinch, but really, there were no surprises (I still lost the Oscar betting game by a landslide).

We’ve always gotten pretty excited around Oscar time here. My Dad, a writer, is an Academy Member and votes for the awards, so he’s always had a bit more invested in the outcome than the rest of us.

Ever since I can remember, we’ve celebrated the Oscars with an Indian feast / potluck (this was quite fitting for the years when Lagaan and Slum Dog Millionaire were nominated) and this year was no exception.

Naan, tandoori chicken, curried tofu, curried cauliflower, jackfruit, okra, raita, lentils and basmati rice were consumed in mass quantities as we watched the anticipated winners give their anticipated speeches. And somehow, our friend Al, who hadn’t seen one nominated film, again emerged as the winner of our betting pool. Go figure.

I also made Chai for the first time, thanks to an Etsy Storque recipe found here. It was SO delicious! And since I was lazy last night, instead of grinding the spices first, I put them in a metal sieve, whole, hovering over a pot of black tea that was brewing in the pot below. Way less labor intensive that way.

(photo courtesy of Esty)

My final note involves a new addition to our home thanks to Martha Stewart. In the February edition of her magazine, there’s an article about miniature indoor citrus trees, so I ordered one and it’s arrived!

Right now it’s living in our kitchen window box, but as soon as we pick out a pot, it will be moved to the living room.

It’s an adorable dwarf Meyer lemon tree, that, if left in direct sunlight, can live indoors and is guaranteed to fruit! I am so excited to have a fruiting lemon tree! We have an orange tree outside and I don’t know if it’s the soil or what, but the fruit is just awful! We also have a Satsuma tree outside (my favorite citrus) which we moved from our previous home and apparently it took the move quite hard because it has refused to fruit since.  

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for today. Wish me luck this week. My to-do list is out the door and around the block. 


  1. We bought Creationary, for my brother in law for his 30th birthday ( he's a Lego freak!) we all got to play and it was SO much fun!!
    Fresh lemons! Yum! Isn't homemade Chai the best!? and much better for us than the sugar laden coffee shop versions. Enjoy! Very cool about the Oscars! I watched with my mom as a kid...haven't watched it in years.

  2. Good to know it's a game that Mr. P. can play for years to come!!
    And yes, I think I will be drinking a lot more chai in my future!


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