Saturday, January 1, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons....

It has been HECTIC in my neck of the urban woods!

First, Mr. P. turned 5! He wanted his birthday to be everything Star Wars.
His brother got into the spirit. 

First, he wanted his cake to be a cup filled with Skittles with a candle in it. 

Then I was allowed to try my hand at a Yoda cake. Luckily, he was very forgiving.

Then it was Christmas. Our potted tree is still doing very well!!

Then we went to Las Vegas (my mother in law lives there and one of my husband's sisters flew out with her family). We visited the "Secret Garden" at the Mirage. Mr. P. loved looking at the dolphins (I thought their enclosure was kinda small for animals who swim far distances in the wild.)

And Mr. P. was surprisingly scared of being in close proximity of the caged lions. When I relayed his fears to my mom she said, "Oh, that's probably because I told him the story of Siegfried and Roy" - you know, the one where Roy (or was it Siegfried?) was mauled by his own lion. No wonder he didn't want to be near them!

We were home and mellow for New Year's.

I decided to make my good friend Julia one of these reversible bags for her birthday. I had so much fun picking out fabric I thought she would love and got a head start on the project a few weeks ago, knowing it would take me a long time to make it since I can only work on things in very small spurts. 


Cut to yesterday when I was working on the final stages of said bag. I lost focus and sewed the wrong two sets of straps together!!!

"Just rip the seam!" I bet that's what you're thinking. But I had the setting at the smallest size, so it was just too tight and close together to rip.

When life gives you lemonade....make Limoncello......and then drink it. 

As painful as it was, I cut into the almost completed bag and extracted enough material to make the following zipper case. Not as impressive as the purse would have been, but it was the best I could do. 

And speaking of Limoncello, it's almost happy hour over here - some friends coming over to relay their New Year's Eve stories to us, so we can pretend that we are 20 all over again. 


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