Friday, January 14, 2011

Undercover Veggies

I will be the first to admit that there are days (oh, let's face it, weeks) when my kids, particularly my five-year-old, will shun anything in the vegetable family. It can be really frustrating because I am a huge lover of veggies, particularly, the weirder the better and I don't give my kids multivitamins because I try to give them well balanced meals. 

Doodlebop, who used to be culinary adventurer extraordinaire, has recently begun to mimic his older brother's exclamations of "yuck" and "not for me" at the dinner table when presented with, let's say, purple cauliflower. 

So I've had to resort to sneakiness. 

What you see below you is a lovely looking (albeit plain) cheese pizza. The dough is whole wheat from Trader Joe's, topped with organic mozzarella. 

Where are the nutrients in that, you ask?

In this little jar of love. Remember when I thought I was done with baby jars? It's only just begun. Hiding under that layer of melty cheese is corn and butternut squash for days! 

And they have NO idea. 

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