Sunday, January 16, 2011

Personalized Bins


So, expanding on my bin tutorial from last week, I've decided to add a little personal touch to these fabric bins. (If you decide to make this project, I suggest reading through my In Bins tutorial first.) 

I followed the same direction for my In Bins tutorial, but I added one step: sewing a fabric photo onto the bin! 

You'll recall in my previous tutorial I used a plate to draw a circle template. This time, I chose three different-sized plates so that the bins would become nesting bins and sit nicely when not in use. 

First, I got out my computer printer fabric (you may recall I used this to make the Big Brother Luvvie project a few weeks ago - I still had some sheets left. )

Then I chose my three photos, printed them onto my printable fabric and cut them out. 

I proceeded to cut out the fabric for the bins per my last tutorial (I've included some of those instructions here for those who didn't see the bin tutorial, but just know that those photos show different fabric than the fabric I chose for the bins with the photographs on them.)

I cut 2 circles per bin, one in the main fabric color and one in a liner color. The diameter of each circle was as follows: 6.5 inches, 7.5 inches and 9 inches. I multiplied each number by 3.14 to get the length of my square panels below (the height is totally up to you). Proceed with the bin process until you get to the rectangular panels. Before sewing the liner to the main fabric, insert this step!

Fold, then iron your borders down on all four sides. Pin and then sew the fabric photograph to the main fabric panel. Aim for a centered placement. As you'll see in the photos, I sewed the photo of myself too high, and the photo of my husband was too low. I finally got it right when it came to the photo of my kids! (Sounds an awful lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears!)

When you're done sewing, that outer panel should look something like this. Continue with my Bin Tutorial. When you're finished, you'll have a fun and personalized bin! 

We keep our bins on the kitchen counter (where everything gets piles up when we're trying to de-clutter). Now, I can give everyone their respective bin and have them fill it with their own stuff! 


Oh and did I mention they also can double as a hat??


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