Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official! I Have A Card!

Once in a while I’ll get a compliment on something I’ve made, be it a bag or a snack-pack. I’ll explain to the flatterer that I am a beginning sewer and I have a blog..yadda…yadda…yadda and they’ll ask for my card so they can look it up.

“I don’t have a card,” is what I used to say…but, not any more!!!

Thanks to the amazing graphic design of Matthew Ehrmann, I have my very own card!

Isn't it perfect??!!!

When I showed my Dad these the other day he asked me, “What are you selling?” I couldn’t really come up with an answer, since I don’t sell any of my products….

I’ve known Matthew (the card's creator) since high school and not only is he an amazing person (and new father to a beautiful two-week-old girl) but he is such a talented artist and graphic designer.

And look at these amazing silkscreens perfect for a nursery or kid's room! These would make a precious baby shower gift! 

These are hand silkscreened on watercolor paper. The design is 8" x 10". Limited edition of 13 each. They are going for $40 each or the set for $100, unframed. These will fit in a standard 8" x 10" matte, for an 11" x 14" frame. 

At the time of posting this blog, there were only ten sets left!!!

You can contact him about this art at or through his website:

Do you need a busness card? Or any other type of graphic design needs met? Matthew is currently offering a 10% discount to my followers! Just go to and mention “Meremade” when you contact him! He is easy to work with, reliable and offers a quick turnaround.  (please note that his graphic design site is different from his art site.) 

I think I’ll just tell my dad that I’m selling myself.


  1. LOL...don't tell your dad you're selling yourself...he may get the wrong idea *giggle*
    I love your business card. I have one tacked up on my bulletin board in my craft room and another I am currently using as a bookmark in my daily meditation book :)
    Love them! They look fantastic! Thanks again!
    I was going to enter your giveaway but I didn't think it was fair seeing as I just recently won one of your giveaways :)

  2. Simone Schneider Barton-GrimleyJanuary 12, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    I love your business card! It's just perfect! And Matthew's silkscreens are beautiful!

  3. Laurie Anne - thanks for putting them to good use! I think you received the first two ever! You are automatically entered into the giveaway for posting a comment! I use that random number generator, so if you win twice in a row, you deserve it! Simone - the silkscreens are event more beautiful in person! They ALMOST make me want to have another baby.

  4. The cards are great! And you don't need to sell anything...although people will want to buy something, anything, from you once they see them:)

  5. Simone Schneider Barton-GrimleyJanuary 13, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    Jenny, you're crazy! If you want another baby (that you can always give back) I can always lend you mine! She's 10 weeks now and loves to be held….all the time!


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