Monday, January 24, 2011

Growing Potatoes

I've harvested my first batch of potatoes! (and what a mini-harvest it was!)

It was pretty easy to grow potatoes and lots of fun for the kids to dig them up. 

I started with some organic, store bought potatoes in various colors. 

I cut them into small chunks, making sure each piece had at least one potato "eye" - this is where the new potato will sprout. 

I let them sit out over night so that the skin developed a hard film before planting. 

Then we planted them in our small planter, which is about two feet deep. I layered them (although I think the deeper ones didn't sprout.) And then watered them weekly. 

I knew something was happening when greens began shooting up! It was so exciting! (this took a few months to see any evidence of life down there.) 

I read online that you can dig for them when the shoots reach a few feet high for small potatoes or dig for them once the shoots have started to die for larger potatoes. 

I let them grow and grow for seven months (I think?) until the first shoot started to yellow. 

Then we began to dig. It was like digging for buried treasure. We had no idea how many we would find or how big they would be. 

This is our harvest. Six very small potatoes!! But I'm still really proud of them. 

Here they are next to my sunglasses so you can see just how small they are!

Breakfast hash browns for one two-year-old, coming right up!!

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