Monday, January 31, 2011

Changing Pad Tutorial

When I first began blogging, this was my first tutorial: a baby changing pad. It has become a staple baby shower gift and, for the new sewer, it's relatively easy. The accomplished sewer can make one of these puppies in less than an hour. 

In re-reading my first tutorial, I realized it's not very well written mostly because I didn't really know what I was doing. So, here is a revised, rewritten version of this project, this time, with two folding options. 

Materials Needed:
Outside fabric: 18 x 22
Terrycloth (I used organic): 18 x 22
tab from outer fabric: 3 x 5

Make the tab. Take your 3 x 5 rectangle.

Fold it in half, right sides facing one another and pin. 

sew along dash marks, leaving the bottom, open side unsewn. 

It should look something like this:

Then turn it inside out.

I sewed the Velcro on the tab first. But I wish I hadn't because I sewed it to the mat the wrong way. So if I were you, I would wait and do this once you've actually sewn the tab to the mat. Or you could try sewing it now. 

Now you need to figure out how you want to close the baby mat. You can either do a yoga mat roll-up style like this: 

Or a square version like this: 

But all you have to worry about now is where that 3 x 5 tab will go when you sew the outer fabric to the terrycloth. So, without sewing, put the right sides facing out on your mat, figure out where this 3 x 5 tab will go and pin either to the terrycloth or the outside fabric. 

Place your fabric right sides together and pin all the way around, leaving a 3 to 4 inch gap unsewn (you'll eventually turn the whole thing inside out where this gap is)

Now you need to insert your tab in the proper place because as you sew around the perimeter, you will also be sewing the tab you made to the mat. If you decided to sew your Velcro on first (remember I advised against this) then make sure when you sew the tab, the Velcro is facing the terrycloth and NOT the outside fabric. 

Time to sew around the entire perimeter (sewing on your tab at the same time) and don't forget to leave a 3  to 4 -inch gap so you can turn it inside out. 

Clip your corners and any bulky excess fabric you may have. 

Then turn it inside out! You're almost there!!

Remember that 3 or 4 inch gap you have left unsewn? Now's the time to close it up. Fold the ends of both the terrycloth and the main fabric inward and sew as close to the edge as possible. 

Fold the mat the way you plan on folding it, either yoga roll up or square. Figure out where your Velcro needs to go and sew it on (straight through the terrycloth) all the way around all four sides of the Velcro. This is the time to sew the Velcro onto that tab that was sticking out. 

And there you go! Baby now has a mat for the car or diaper bag or anywhere! 

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  1. I'm going to try this one because as you know, I just got a sewing machine and have no idea what I'm doing so this will be a good first project. Also, my husband said it was a "catastrophe!" when I forgot to put the changing pad in the car and our daughter had a nice present for him, ha! I like your fabric, very cute.


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