Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy Bees

I've decided that I really do identify with bees on those busy days! I mean, these insects are kinda nonstop and I'm curious as to how well they sleep? Do they dream at night? What do they dream about?

Anyways, I'm starting a new label: A Craft and A Book

Before I was a college instructor, I was an elementary school teacher, first I taught kindergarten and then I taught fifth grade. I think the desire to craft and make "lesson plans" if you can call them that, stems from my love of teaching. 

So, this week's craft and a book is all guessed it...Bees!

Mr. P. has been on a "dangerous bugs" kick. He likes me to tell him about all the times I've been stung by bees (over 20 times mind you, the most embarrassing one was when I sat on a bee in 5th grade at a co-ed birthday party. I had to lie on my friend's bed, with my pants down, icing my bottom, when the scavenger hunt that was going on ended up in my room. Love it when the entire class sees you icing your tush.)

We picked this book up at the library last week by Deborah Heligman and Carla Golembe. It's a science book that tells all about the fascinating lives of honeybees. 

Then the boys made their own bees (with a little help from pre-fab bee body parts by mom)

Materials Needed: 

Yellow construction paper
Black construction paper
Black pipe cleaner
Yellow tissue paper
Glue stick

On the back of Mr. P's bee, I had him tell me three things he learned about bees from the book. I didn't worry about whether or not his information was accurate, I was more curious about what he took from the book. 

These were his quotes:
"When the babies come out they turn into eggs."
"They make honey."
"They can sting dogs. They die. If they lose their stingers, they die."

Buzz, buzz. 

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