Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Betty's First Dress

Betty, my new dress form, was tired of being naked. So I made her (er...myself) a dress. 

I had to add the belt from Anthropologie to cover up my mistakes at the waist (it's an elastic waist - my first time working with elastic / my first time making a dress)

I found this pattern through Grossgrain's website. She has a section called A Frock By Friday where she takes you, the sewer, through a project step-by step. It's an excellent way for a beginning seamstress like myself to get, what feels like private tutoring through a pattern. Although Grossgrain hasn't done one of these tutorials in a while, she keeps them all backlogged, so you can just visit her various projects and get some help. This particular pattern is called the Anda dress. Click here to be taken to Grossgrain's Anda tutorial, and make one yourself! The pattern needs to first be purchased at Burdastyle: you can click here to be taken there. 

This dress is all about the material. The pattern is quite plain. I chose a very thin stretchy silk which makes it have a lot of movement. Grossgrain's fabric seems a bit stiffer and shiny. You can see how the two different materials make two different dresses. And she doesn't need to hide the waist with the belt! 

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  1. Super cute. Maybe you'll wear it to an upcoming cocktail party. Look at all your followers! xx


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