Saturday, December 4, 2010

Somebody's Watching Me

My sister recently showed me a feature on Blogspot called "stats" which helps track your viewership. This is probably not new news to most bloggers out there, but, being somewhat of a newbie, I have become quite intrigued.

For example, last month I got 1,089 hits. This number surprised me as I had assumed that maybe a few friends and family members, if I was lucky, were reading my blog. Apparently, this is not the case.

Some of you have found me through various crafts blogs that I have been featured on, such as Cafe Mom, One Pretty Thing, The Boy Trifecta and Totally Tutorials.

And others have found me quite by accident (I can tell by investigating the Stats page that someone searching for a recipe for "Chicken Marinade" spelled it "Chicken Meremade" and got my blog by accident. Whoopsie! (I welcome you just the same.)

So who are you? Where do you hail from?
I can tell you!

Below are the stats for November, in order of country frequency. (A special привет to my Russian readership who came in at a close second to the US readers.)

United States






United Kingdom



I have recently become a follower of my favorite blogs because I know it helps the bloggers. ("Following" is a very easy way to support your favorite blogger as you will not get hounded by any email or any notifications, but it simply logs your support for a blog.)

There are also other ways to become involved:

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Most importantly, leave a comment or two! I'd love to hear what you have to say!

If you visit this site often or if you really like what you see, will you follow me??? I'll give you a virtual cheers in a virtual glass of wine!


  1. I love stats and see how people come to my blog. One of the top searches for my blog is *Amarillo Hookers* I kid you not! I mentioned them one time years ago. I bet those people are really disappointed when they get to my blog if that is what they were searching for. ~grins~

  2. That's so funny, Princess of Everything! I'll have to check out your blog and the amarillo hookers!!


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