Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread in da House

So, you probably think I'm a DIY kinda girl. Surely I'd scoff at the idea of a prefab gingerbread house! Well, you're wrong. I am a crafter from the land of lazy and sometimes, the activities just have to come out of a box because Mama is tired!  

I picked this kit up at Trader Joe's.

It even came with candy and little candy characters (I think they're supposed to be Hansel and Gretel). It came with a box to make icing, but I was feeling so lazy that I just used the store-bought kind I had leftover from Halloween. 

We assembled the walls. 

Then the roof.

Worked a little, ate a little. 

Decorated the roof. 

Ate a little more. 

Admired decorations. 

Admired while eating a little more. 

Prefab joy! 

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