Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Compostess with the Mostess

Did you know that it's easy to compost?

You don't even have to have a big, smelly, worm infested pile in the backyard (although that would be nice). Instead, you can contribute to your city's compost program. 

A while back I bought one of these nifty little counter top composters. It looks nice and it has a filter and a tight lid so that you don't have to smell your fruit and veggies fermenting. I even found a biodegradable liner so that when it's full I can transfer the whole bag. 


                                          Where do I take it, you might ask?

Why out to the green bin. Do you have one of those? All of the lawn and foliage clippings go in there and in many cities, so can compostable material including fruit and vegetables. I'm still researching to see if coffee grinds and egg shells are permitted. From what I can gather, our green bins are vegan. 

Between recycling plastic and paper goods and composting, we have really cut way down on our landfill garbage. 

Check out your local green bin laws (sometimes it's as easy as reading the directions on the bin) and see if you can start a composting program in your home! It could be a practical New Year's resolution! 

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  1. Great idea. I usually give my compost pile to Max, but that is a complicated procedure.


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