Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting for the Bird


It can be challenging to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal with kids in the house. 

Here are some turkey-related art activities that can keep them occupied while you stay busy cooking and sampling which wine you'd like to serve (at least that's what I call it). 

Paper Bag Turkeys:

click here to see how to make these easy up-cycled turkeys. 

Handprint Turkeys:

Use different colored paint for each feather. Add googly eyes and some glitter and you're done! It's fun to compare this project each year to see how much your kids' hands have grown!

Turkey on a Stick:

click here to see how to make these turkeys out of used cereal boxes. 

Cork Turkeys:

click here to see how to make turkeys out of wine corks. 

Turkey Coloring Pages:

A simple Google search will yield pages and pages of turkeys to color in. Place them at the kids’ table (or as a placemat) and give the kids some crayons. 

You've just bought yourself at least ten more minutes of prep time. Use it well!!

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