Tuesday, November 16, 2010

simple wreath project

This one is easy enough for the 20 month old to complete.

Step One: Gather leaves.

Living in Southern California, we don't have quite the array of fall leaves that you folks in colder climates get, but the tree in front of our house (and I'm no arborist; I don't even know what kind of tree it is) drops these beautiful red leaves every fall.

Step Two: Cut circle shape.

Ideally, I wanted to use cardboard, but we didn't have any laying around the day of the project, and the cereal box wasn't wide enough. So I used a Whole Foods bag instead. Conveniently, their logo has a circle on it, so I just used that as my guide. I left a little notch for a ribbon up top. The paper was kind of wrinkly-crinkly, so I placed them in the pages of a heavy book over night to flatten out.

I let them color the paper first in order to extend the length of the project. 

Step Three: Glue leaves to wreath.

Simple enough. Although Mr. P. got carried away with this step and glued the leaf to his brother's cheek "by accident."

Step Four: Let dry, make hole through notch and thread ribbon.

I wanted to put these on the outside of our front door, but the thinness of the paper prevented me from doing so. Instead, they're on the inside - a festive way to say goodbye!

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