Monday, November 29, 2010

My Tree Has A Pulse!!!

I am posting this is hopes that others in Southern California will do the same this year and so that readers in other parts of the world will be encouraged to find similar services in their area!

By the time my friend Brooke told me last year, that she had rented a “live tree” for Christmas, we had already bought our tree at the local lot. But I stored the information in my little brain for this year.

Which brings me to my point…I just ordered my tree online at

It was so easy!!!

Renting a live tree as opposed to cutting one down has many benefits to the environment. Think about all the trees that are destroyed in order to sit dying in your living room? (And when I say “your” living room, I also mean “my” living room, as I have been responsible for the death of a tree for the past 33 years.)

But now, I get to adopt a 6 – 7 foot potted tree of my own! And what’s more, if I fall madly in love with the tree, I can have it back next year during the holidays and see how much its grown! The tree will get delivered to my doorstep in a week or so and after New Year’s, they will come and take the tree away. The trees come in different varieties and sizes.

They also offer eco-friendly ornaments, LED lighting, and eco-friendly stocking stuffers and gift-wrap.

I’ll have to post again when I get the tree, but I wanted to get this out there in cyber space as soon as possible for all you other SoCal people who are about to take your kids tree shopping…..whip out your “Lorax” book and order a live tree online instead!!!

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  1. Your friend Brooke is feeling quite special right now. Did she tell you that her Living Christmas Tree is arriving tomorrow morning? So excited! =D


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