Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

I love a good food challenge, so Thanksgiving, however exhausting, was really fun!

I am always impressed with how an array of food from the farmer's market turns into an actual meal. And Thanksgiving was no exception. 

It began with a botched attempt at taking Mr. P. to see "Tangled". We dropped Doodlebop off at my parents' at 8:30 am, but then the projector at the movie theater broke (go figure) so we came home and they watched Toy Story 3 while we began the cooking. 

We were a small group this year and did a potluck. I contributed:

Cranberry / walnut / pomegranate bread:

A brie, pear and olive tart (no photos because while it was delicious, it was sadly not so photogenic)

Persimmon, celery root and Swiss chard stuffing: (the recipe can be found here)

And a fresh cranberry and blueberry pie!

The table was set...

The boys got all dolled up:

And I got a new fall do!

Then the feasting began....

and didn't end until Sunday night. Hello I come! 


  1. Your thanksgiving sounds delicious! I would love the the pie recipe too, sounds like a great combo of sweet and tart, summer and fall.

  2. It was beyond delicious. Thank you for all your hard work. Are we going to try for Tangled again??


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