Monday, November 8, 2010

From Market to Table: Fall Bounty

-What happened was....I had planned on showing you how I turned this market bounty....

into an amazing meal. But my friend, red wine, intervened and I forgot to take photos of the food. 

And when I say, "how I turned this market bounty..." I am really referring to my husband, who summoned his inner Julia Child the other night and made:

- Greek-herbed lamb meatballs with spaghetti
- Bread, feta and tomato salad
-blue cheese, green bean and almont salad
- a brilliant cheese plate with olive bread

And all this was accompanied by the most beautiful crudite plate I've ever seen! (Thanks Heidi!) Who knew raw kohlrabi was delicious!

And for dessert, organic ice cream from Sweet Rose Creamery (Thanks Stacia!) Fellow Angelinos... go here now! I went back last night for seconds...salted caramel, mint chip (made with garden mint). I literally wanted to bathe in the stuff. 

So sorry about the lack of photos....but sometimes it's nice to use your imagination. 

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  1. I heart Sweet Rose Creamery! Believe it or not, but their vanilla is divine. Sounds boring and safe, but it's not I assure you. Mmm, ice cream.


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