Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3, 2, 1....Blastoff!

I've been toying with the idea of making Mr. P. a T-shirt for some time now and with his 5th birthday around the corner, I finally decided on a rocket ship image. 

The T-shirt I bought for the project is black and the corduroy material is a dark burgundy. Bad choice, since the dark fabric doesn't really "pop" from its black background. So I added one more layer of natural linen to really make the rocket zoom. 

First, I drew a small version of the design on paper and then a larger one. (Making sure the smaller one actually fit inside of the larger one since that's how it would rest on the t-shirt.) 

I cut both paper designs out. 

Pinned them to their respective fabric and cut!

I decided to sew a round window to the rocket and started with that first layer. 

Then I pinned the burgundy rocket to the natural rocket and sewed them together. 

Then I pinned the entire shebang to the black t-shirt and sewed away. 

I felt like a ninny when on not one, but two occasions, I accidentally sewed the front of the t-shirt to the back of the t-shirt. Lame!!

TIP: If I were to do this again, I would try to be less lazy and instead of leaving my edges raw, I would have taken the time to iron them under in order to prevent them from fraying with each wash. Because I took the easy way out, I'll have to be sure and wash this by hand to avoid the rocket from literally taking off.....

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