Monday, October 18, 2010

That Man!!

You know that Batman theme song? The one that starts, "duh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh...?" Yeah, you know the one, well what if, instead of "Batman" the last word in that phrase was, "Thatman!"

Sing it...outloud.....go sure and say, "Thatman!"

Kinda catchy, right?

Well, when Mr. P. was three years old, he used to call that caped crusader, "Thatman" and sing the song that way. The name has stuck and when I asked Mr. P. if he'd be interested in helping me make a "Thatman" mask, he was almost excited enough to say, "holy atomic pile, Thatman!"

And, in this case, when I say "help" I mean, he chose what color thread to use. He picked blue. I picked orange for Mr. P.

Since I'm not savvy enough to come up with my own mask pattern, I was so excited when I saw this free tutorial from Whip up by guest Blogger Susan, from Living With Punks.

I found some great sparkle felt pieces to make the masks. And I also made a coordinating superhero cape.

The masks were relatively easy to sew, then I just had to measure the kids' heads to size the elastic and voila! Two "Thatman!" masks.

Fun, right?

Then we realized the mask was upside down. (excuse the hot chocolate stains)

Holy Sewing, Bat Man!!


  1. oooohhhhhhhhh I am in love. I kinda like it upside down. Like a beaver superhero.

  2. Beaver Superhero! I love it...saving the world one tail thwack at a time...


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