Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pants Triumphant, Pants Disaster

In anticipation of Halloween, my brood took a walk around the neighborhood last weekend looking for houses with ghostly decorations.

Early in my sewing career (i.e. January 2010) I sewed Mr. P. a pair of yoga pants that he has always refused to wear. It's kind of become a big joke.

"Mr. P, what do you want to wear today?"
"NOT those pants you made."

In any case, perhaps it was in the spirit of dressing up, but I got them on his body, made some hot cocoa, and we were out the door!

I mean....why wouldn't he love these pants? They're comfy, cozy and have two pockets!

The neighborhood was getting in the spirit of Halloween...

This is my favorite house in the neighborhood...

This is my favorite landscaping in the neighborhood...

And these are my favorite brothers in the neighborhood....

Now back to those pants....why wouldn't Mr. P. want to wear them every day?

Hm...maybe because shortly after the walk, the elastic gave way and the pants slowly slid down his legs to his ankles and all that could be heard was a disappointed mutter of, "Never again Mom, never again."


  1. And the pants "Shall be lifted-nevermore"

  2. Never again mom, never again? What a little whippersnapper! PS. That is my favorite landscaped house too! I love how they aren't afraid to use color. =D


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