Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Overcoming Ocolophobia

Doodlebop has developed a recent fear of owls (oclophobia). It all started with the purchase of three owls on Etsy similar to these:

Only it was a larger, mamma owl and her two babies.

One night, he looked at them in panic, pointing and yelling, "bye bye!!" frantically. I said, "do you want me to take them down." His response, "da." (the kid busts out the Russian sometimes...what can I say?)

So, I peeled them off the wall and threw them away after a year and a half stay.

The next night, he processed the whole experience again, pointing to the now blank wall above his crib saying "oww....bye bye." I repeated back to him, "yes, we took the owls down. They're gone."

It's been about three weeks of this story every night.

Right now, owls seem impossible ot escape! With Halloween around the corner, they are everywhere from store fronts to magazines and Doodlebop lets me know each and every time he sees one. And don't get me started on those over-sized Legends of the Guardian billboards!!

I had a thought that went something like this....

I had a friend who was deathly afraid of bats. She sought out professional help and the doctor used "exposure therapy" first by looking at photos and eventually moving to seeing live bats. I wanted to try this idea out on Doodle.

So, for an afternoon craft the other day, he and Mr. P. made paper bag owls. I explained to him what we would be doing and he seemed okay with it. My thinking was that if he had complete control over the owl, maybe he wouldn't be afraid of it. And if he ended up being spooked by it, he would have the power to throw it in the garbage.


1 paper bag
construction paper eyes, beak, wings
scalloped scissors for wings

Easy enough to assemble.

He especially loved making the feathers rain all over the glue.

Here it sits in our dining room window along with other Halloween crafts. He likes to show it to anyone who comes to the house. Maybe, just maybe, this worked??

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