Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a fun Halloween fete over here and my thanks go out to the many blogs that inspired the party.  

Since I figured my friends would appreciate me not posting photos of their children on my blog, you'll just have to imagine lots of toddlers running around in all sorts of adorable outfits....princess butterflies, storm troupers, giraffes, more get the idea.

It all started with the invitation (thanks to the Martha spider punch).

The night before, we baked spooky cookies to decorate. Mr. P. was very useful. (who doesn't love a little child labor?)

We got the house ready....

and what's a Halloween party with out the school rat, Blubber? (Mom, close your eyes)

These were the party favors.....

And from The Crafty Nest, a great tutorial for how to make these cookies in a jar!

It was overly ambitious of me to think that a four-year-old would care to follow a check list of all of the activities available. But I laminated them any way....any excuse to use my laminator. 

Can you guess how many M & M's are in the jar??

Cookie decorating station.

We didn't quite make it to the Make-A-Ghost activity...

Perhaps because of all of the Poison consumed. (Thanks again, Martha, for the labels!)

The table was set. 

Any excuse to make some cupcakes. 

Then it was time to suit up! This year's theme....Star Wars. 


Commander Cody

A melancholy Yoda (costume lasted for about 30 seconds)

And Princess Leah. (this one lasted about 15 seconds)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! May you pimp out your children to secure yourself your favorite candy tonight!


  1. What if you have to fight your four year old for the sweet tarts? Trick or Treating is going to get ugly.

  2. It was a fun party - I even left my witch hat there. Thanks for all your hard work! xx


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