Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great Pumkin Patch

Going to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark has been a tradition we've had going on four years (Mr. P. was only 10 months the first time we went and Doodlebop, well, he wasn't even on our radar yet.)

It's a great place to go year round because you get to pick your own crops. The kids love strawberry season especially and I have found fun squashes, a wide variety of beets and a host of fruit and vegetables.

During their harvest festival, it becomes a bit more commercial and the entrance fee is hiked up (surprise, surprise) but it's still fun. They have live music, food stands, Halloween-themed games perfect for the under 5 crowd, animals galore, tractor rides, horse-drawn carriages, a maize maze, train ride, bouncer...the list sort of goes on and on. But the highlight for us each year is the pumpkin patch.

Today, it was a bit misty, dare I say, sprinkling the entire time. But the kids could not have cared less.

First stop, the tractors.

Then down the chute...(I apologize for how unflattering this photo was a bumpy ride and
my bum was sore)

Then, we found a wagon to transport the children and pumpkins.

And we were off to find some pumpkins.......

And boy did we find them!!!

A ghostly monochromatic.....

Cinderella pumpkins, my favorite...they look like they've been sat on.

I guess if we were looking for a pumpkin that looked disease-ridden, this would be a good choice. I felt like I needed a round of Cipro after looking at this one.

I also found the elusive Pumpkinhead. I totally took him home with me.

Mr. P. caught a pumpkin man in an outhouse with his pants down. Shocking.

Doodlebop decided that sunflowers matched his raincoat more than the pumpkins.

Was it me or was this scarecrow moving??

Brothers played a traditional game of whack-the-coconut-off-the-wooden-stake-with-a-baseball.

I love the process of cultivating our own family traditions and I'm glad this has become one of them.

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