Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sand in the Place Where You Live

We have a new sandbox.

Let me back track.

We have a lovely sandbox out back. There's a kids' treehouse above, which keeps it nice and shady. However, kids aren't the only living creatures that have discovered this desert oasis. The neighborhood cats have decided that it is the world's greatest litter box and I'm just not into my kids make log cabins out of kitty poop.

So, that sandbox is no longer in use.

Which brings us to our current "circus themed" sandbox that is now on the balcony outside our bedroom.

Kudos to Basil for figuring out how to put the thing together. It's nice and shady. And has good storage for toys. The kids love playing in it first thing in the morning and I love lounging on the sleeper next to them, drinking my morning coffee.

So all in all....a big hit....except for the fact that we are all tracking sand in the house. If only those kids would learn how to vacuum already.

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