Sunday, September 26, 2010

The L.A. County Fair: The Quest for the Candy Apple

Recently, Mr. P. and I finished reading Charlotte’s Web together. There were many things to take from this book: vegetarianism, how agriculture works, the idea of friendship…but the thing that made the biggest impression on 4-year-old Mr. P. was the mention of the candied apples at the County Fair.
He loves apples. He loves candy. So it makes sense that marrying the two would be cause for excitement.
To follow up, we decided that a trip to the L.A. County Fair was in order.
After a 35-minute drive we arrived. Mr. P. on a mission to eat a candied apple. My sister and I on a mission to try a deep-friend Twinkie. And my Dad on a mission to check out the latest gadgets at the showrooms.
There was silliness going on before we even entered the fair.
The first item on the list of crap….blue and pink cotton candy!!

Then…..a little balloon darts.
We won!!! Auntie held the prize.

Tempting, but.....NO!!!

And we took a tour of the model train track with a beautiful suspension bridge.

For lunch, deep-fried zucchini.

This was the most bizarre discovery at the fair.
Let me start by saying that Mr. P. passed on every ride, including the kiddie rides. Yet, when he saw these claustrophobic, questionably waterproof balls floating on water, he was all in! They put him into the deflated sack, stuck some sort of vacuum mechanism inside and blew it up. Then he was walking on water. A real Bubble Boy!
The following is a montage of SOME of the things that Papa consumed at the fair. I repeat, only some.
And this is where it all sent him....
(we called ourselves the "papa" razzi because we are so very clever.)
Mr. P. was inspired by Papa's hand-dipped ice cream.
We toured the barn animals. I found a teacup piggy so cute I almost wanted to take him home to cuddle with or eat...I couldn't decide.
Mr. P. kept busy leaping across hay bales.

Mr. P. was intrigued by the princess palace filled with all sorts of pink, domestic cleaning apparatuses. I am glad that someone in the family has taken to housework.
And you know a dollar is too much to pay to enter the "L.A. in ice" freezer when the highlight is the all-ice couch.
Finally, a treat that was low in calories!

It was around here that I was reminded (over and over again) about that Candy Apple. And putting forth the argument that perhaps fried zucchini for lunch on top of cotton candy and chocolate covered ice cream apparently was not a strong argument. So, I forked over the $6.00 for an old-fashioned candy apple.
I thought he was happy about it.

Yet, upon presentation, Mr. P. uttered, “What’s that?”
“A candy apple,” I said.
He took a bite.
“Yuck. I don’t like the caramel.”
So, I engaged in a favorite fair pastime: peeling the caramel off of the candied apple (That was SO not in E.B. White's book!!)
So we were left with just a $6 green apple.
Mr. P. passed.
All in all a delightful day at the fair. I left fatigued, fried-out and utterly fat, but happy.

And Mr. P. took an unusual nap on the way home.
Guess we'll have to wait until next year to try that deep fried Twinkie.

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  1. Sigh. I kind of miss being cold... hope the piggies are doing okay in this heat!


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