Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fast Craft! Halloween Spider

Move over itsy-bitsy spider…..have I got an arachnid for you!!
I’ve been looking for easy, I mean 4 year old and 18-month-old easy Halloween crafting projects for the kids. Something for those with less-than stellar fine motor skills and less that ten minute attention spans.
So I came up with this speed-crafting spider. Now I'm not saying it actually resembles a spider...but thank goodness children have wild imaginations....
You will need the following materials:
Black construction paper (or other color of your choosing)
4 pipe cleaners per spider
glue stick
scotch tape
That’s it!
Step 1) Kids scrunch paper into a wad. This will be come spiders body. Reinforce with scotch tape.

Step 2) wrap pipe cleaners evenly around body of spider. Twist at bottom so they stay in place. Once you’ve done this four times, you should have 8 legs.

Step 3) glue on googly eyes.

Step 4) attach string and hang.

You’re done!
Really, this could take less than five minutes. Our project was extended by various renditions of “itsy-bitsy spider” and choosing names for our spiders and playing with scotch tape. Why do I bother to even invest in toys when all I have to do is give my kids a roll of scotch tape??

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  1. Cute! All I can picture is Mini P scotch taped to the wall by Mr. P. I love halloween!


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