Sunday, August 15, 2010

washcloths with (under) bite

Recently, I came across this image from the blog Running With Scissors:

I had to give it a whirl. The blog post suggested using recycled towels, however, the only towels I could find were pastelly (I know that's not a real word) and not vibrant enough for what I wanted to do. Instead I found some great, inexpensive, and bright towels at Target (pre-boycott).
I have never worked with towel terrycloth before. I found it a bit challenging, as the material seemed to get caught on the needle and unravel as I was working it.
I even broke my first needle! (which sort of made me feel like a sewing badass.)
I couldn't print out the pattern from the website, so I decided to just wing it and create two washcloths - a shark and a fish. They both look the same - droopy, forlorn.

And they both have underbites, which, I feel is a totally underrepresented demographic in our society...right?


  1. I cannot stop laughing. People/animals with underbites....totally underrepresented demographic.

    You are a hoot.

  2. "A" for effort. Maybe once they go in the water they will perk up? The red one looks like a certain friend-of-the-family. Name starts with "G"...

  3. I'm glad these washcloths are making someone laugh, Princess! And Melissa, unfortunately, when wet, instead of perking up....they sink, like a rock, to the bottom.
    And I'm still trying to guess which friend of the family they look like?!?!?!?


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