Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Icee You!

To all you naysayers (and there were at least two of you) who scoffed at my patriotic snow cone idea......suck it! (no, literally, I mean, suck on the multicolored ice that is my 4th of July snow cone.)

This 4th of July consisted of rounds of Smash ball on the beach, way too much food and general lounging.

But back to the snowcone....

After finding this snow cone maker, I forced my family (and a few friends) to brainstorm various ways that we could concoct a patriotic snow cone.

We settled on juicing out own fruit, strawberries for the red color and blueberries for blue, but they came out a bit purple.

Then we put the snow cone maker to the test!

Perfect shaved ice! (Yes, that is a bottle of Belvedere on the kitchen counter. The grown ups received a different but equally refreshing version of the snow cone.)

We added the colors and voila!

Okay, so the blueberry juice looked more brown than blue. I tried to locate a country with a red, white and brown flag, but no such flag exists.

The kids loved them.

And so did the grown ups!

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