Saturday, July 24, 2010

Golden Beet Salad

I've started a new label titled "from market to table."

One of my favorite weekend activities is perusing out local farmer's market looking for food that inspires. The farmer's market has become a family affair and it helps that the kids get to stuff their faces with free, fresh samples. We make it our goal to find the most bizarre, interesting looking foods and figure out what to do with them (today it was Chinese long beans and this is what we decided to do with them before eating them.)

Apologies to those who came over for the Chinese long bean stir-fry. I assure you he keeps his hair very clean.....on most days.

After we shop and nibble, there's a great play structure and water feature to tire the boys out.

Today, I brought home some gorgous golden beets and decided to make a salad for lunch.

Assemble: boiled beets, avocado, walnuts, goat cheese with a citrus vineagrette (fresh-squeezed orange juice, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar and garlic.)

Almost too pretty to eat......almost.


  1. I think B.'s next Halloween costume is a lock now!

    Try roasting the beets next time (in their skins and then peel) -- this will make a fantastic salad even more remarkable.

  2. Thanks for the roasting tip! That sounds even more delicious. Does that also retain more of the color by any chance? The beets were such a golden orange and then faded to a more mellow yellow when I boiled them.

  3. I *think* roasting might retain the colour better, but I'm not sure, having not boiled beets.

    That said, when I roast purple potatoes they turn brown and crisped, but when I peel and boil to make mashed potatoes, they stay purple! (nice to make a nest of purple potatoes and fill with peas for kids)

  4. I've never roasted beets before! That sounds yummy. I wish my kids ate peas....or potatoes....


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