Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Garden

Notice anything different with this blog? I've made a bit of blog progress I like to refer to as "blogress". I've finally figured out how to put pictures side by side. Many people on my Google search claimed I had to enter some sort of HTML code which sounded very confusing but after some puttering around, I figured out how to do it another, much easier way.

Are you visually stimulated?

Here's what's growing in the garden.....(I've only included edibles here as they excite me the most.)

The Veggies:

Little tomatoes, heirloom tomato vines, pole beans and chard!

The Fruit:

Blueberries are cropping up everywhere! There is one lone satsuma (the first time it's fruited since we moved it from Los Feliz three years ago), a few strawberries and the new kumquat tree.

The Herbs:

Chamomile (where are the flowers so I can make tea??), rosemary, mint (three different kinds including something called "chocolate mint" that literally smells like mint chocolate), lavendar (I know it's not officially an herb...), and purple basil in honor of my husband who is accident prone.

Everywhere I look edibles, edibles.....

Except for the fish.... (but don't think I haven't thought of sushi post major earthquake.)

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