Thursday, June 24, 2010

Snack Packs

This might be one of my favorite projects to date because it was super fast, it’s super functional and methinks it looks supercute!

I was inspired to make this after purchasing some fabric bags online for my kids' snacks, hence eliminating any need for those pesky Ziploc bags.

I ordered the following fabric set from etsy a while back and I’ve been waiting to make the perfect small craft with them. It's from the Riley Blake wheels pattern set and the individual fabrics can be purchased by clicking here.

So, basing the dimensions off of one of these purchased snack packs, I forged ahead and made my own.

I cut the outer and inner fabric: 7 ½ x 9 inches. I used a thicker, linen fabric for the lining so that if things got messy in there (think orange segments and whole strawberries) the mess wouldn’t spill over to the cute, outer layer.

I folded the fabric in half and with right sides facing, I sewed up the sides.

Turning the fabric inside out, I folded the outer seams inward and sewed around the entired circle (like you'd do if you were sewing up a sleeve).

Turning the snack pack inside out again, I sewed a long strip of velcro to both sides. Make sure you do a good job here, because there will be a lot of opening and closing going on and you don't want the bag to split open and your goodies to spill out.

Turn it rightside out one last time and voila! Four new snack packs for two hungry boys!! Machine washable.


  1. Hey, wait a minute, I know these bags! I thought you bought them from an eco-friendly store though. I didn't know you made them! Very impressed. ;)

  2. I am the eco-friendly store! I did buy some other, printed bags which inspired these bags...

  3. I've recently come across these bags while blogging and I've been wanting to make some. Thank you for the instructions!

  4. This is great! Thanks.

    I've been making some here and there but had yet to get the steps in the right order! I like your idea to turn and do the velcro, otherwise it's always sticking closed.

    Thanks for sharing.


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