Monday, June 14, 2010

One Mom's Trash is Another Baby's Treasure

Today, I set out to make a baby bib.

Recently, when I was in Vancouver, there was a great looking fabric bib that was essentially a triangle shape with snaps. It looked a bit like a bandana worn around the neck.

I cut out the triangles in my main fabric as well as in terrycloth.

With right sides facing, I sewed around the perimeter, leaving a small, three-inch opening on one side. I turned the fabric right side out and then sewed up the three-inch gap.

I placed the bib around the babe to check out where the two points would connect so I could add the velcro. It looked awful. It was all bunchy and tight and the angle that I chose for my triangle was just not right. I was about to throw it away when I accidentally dropped it. Baby ran over, picked it up and gave it a hug like he had just found his long, lost best friend.

The two have been inseperable ever since.

At least there's one fan of my work out there!

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