Tuesday, June 1, 2010

High Art?

When I was little, my artwork was relegated to the garage-turned-playroom, haphazardly stuck to the walls with blue sticky-tak. I don’t blame my parents for banishing it; I had zero artistic talent.
But my four-year-old son has come out much more artistically confident thanks to his preschool, which features an atelierista (Italian for art teacher) and an amazing art studio as well as in class projects that foster individuality and creativity.
Because the kids never do projects for the sake of the product, we don’t get a lot of take home art projects. His school is so concerned with process in fact, that they spent the entirety of last year studying colors and color mixing and teachers would not introduce a new color to paint or draw with until the children understood how to mix it themselves.
So, when art projects do come through the door, I am quick to gobble them up and display them around the house.
We have our breakfast nook ever-changing display (note the red paper: Peter’s current project of trying to collect as many colored straws as he can out in the world…thus far he only has green from Starbuck’s and purple from the Coffee Bean)

This is on our bedroom wall and was completed last year as a collaborative piece when the kids were learning that yellow and blue make green.

These two are the most recent additions to our collection. The first is a study he did of his school naptime lovey whom we call Christmas Puppy. It’s essentially his Puppy at home but with the addition of a green and red holiday hat and scarf.

And this is Peter’s red robot (who was that New Yorker cartoonist whose name you could always find somewhere in the drawing?) well; Peter’s name is somewhere in here as well.

Maybe I’m elevating his artistic confidence to an undeserved level by placing them in frames and on our walls or maybe seeing his work as a valuable part of our household’s aesthetic makes it feel like it’s his home too. Whatever the case may be I stand by my opinion that pasta belongs in my belly and not glued to construction paper.

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