Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chalk Talk

I wanted to try this chalkboard paint forever, but couldn’t get my husband on board. Then I nagged him enough and I think he relented just to shut me up.
So we now have a huge chalkboard wall in our kitchen, perfect for keeping the little ones busy when we’re preparing dinner or convenient for writing last minute grocery items on the board or for greeting each other with ridiculous messages in the morning, which has been the most popular use thus far.
And it’s a plus that the kids can’t read yet.

To successfully paint the area, we used masking tape to frame the border. We caulked up any holes. Painted the area with two coats of primer. Painted one layer of chalkboard paint. Let it dry overnight. Painted another layer the next day. Let it dry for three, long, agonizing days. Then we were ready to prep the board for erasing. You do this by rubbing chalk all over the board (who knew?) This has to be done after every cleaning in order to make the board erasable.
Finally, we were ready to chalk it up!

Although I have begged and pleaded to include chalk-paint as a leit motif throughout the house, the paint has been taken out of my custody and is hiding somewhere in the garage to be used only in case of touch-ups.
Ba humbug!

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